Nuraply 3PM
Nuraply 3PM
Nuraply 3PM is used for waterproofing flat roofs or decks protected with timber or tiles.

It is finished with granules of slate that give it an attractive, natural appearance. Nuraply 3PM system is a tough, reinforced, bituminous waterproofing membrane suitable for light maintenance foot traffic.

Nuraply 3PM is installed as the capsheet in a two layer membrane system. The basesheet is usually 3PB but use 3PV as a base sheet for concrete or roof decks where excessive moisture or moisture vapour occurs.

Nuraply 3PM has been issued with a CodeMark certificate. This ensures it will be accepted by all Councils with the lowest slopes in the market as per the table below.
Product Benefits:
  • Long-term and low maintenance waterproofing.
  • 20-year product warranty.
  • BRANZ Appraised.
  • Authorised applicators.
  • Potable water collection.
  • CodeMark certificate insures certainty
    with building consents.
  • Lowest slopes of any membrane
    system in NZ.

  Cold Roof Warm Roof (Nuratherm)
Substrate Plywood Concrete Existing Substrates Concrete with Tapered Boards or Flat Enertherm
Plywood with Enertherm
NPM900 or approved metal tray (B) with Enertherm
Minimum Finished (Constructed) Falls
1:80 1:80 1:80 1:80 1:80 1:80
Recommended Design Fall (excluding gutters) (A)
1:40 1:60 1:60 Confirm no ponding areas 1:60 1:40 1:40
Gutters 1:100 1:100 1:100 1:100* 1:100 1:100
Substrate Comments Using 17mm (roofs) or 21mm (decks) plywood, rafters at 600 centers, nogs at 600 centers. Create required slope with a screed. Wait for concrete and screed to cure. Confirm substrate is sound *Minimum fall available using tapered boards is 1:60. Nuralite can assist with tapered board layout.
Create required slope in the plywood Create required slope in the NPM900

A)    For the purpose of this Certificate roofs must have a minimum finished constructed fall of 1:80. To provide for construction tolerances it is recommended (but not required) that for design purposes, a 1:40 fall should be used on plywood and metal substrates or 1:60 for concrete.

Nuraply 3PM Solutions

A) What is the situation?

Roof Solutions:
  • Suitable for installing over plywood, concrete or Nuratherm insulated roof substrates.
  • Choose from five standard shades of mineral chip.
Deck Solutions:
  • Waterproofing for decks, gutters, terraces and canopies.
  • Decks must be protected with floating tiles or timber on Nurajacks.
Not suitable for:
  • Areas to be tiled over.
  • Green Roofs or planter boxes.
  • High foot traffic areas or areas with exposure to mechanical or chemical damage.
Application Method
Step 1)
Nurabond No. 10 cold adhesive is applied to the substrate. This ensures the Nuraply 3PM will be fully bonded to the substrate.

Step 2)
The base of the Nuraply 3PB is lightly heated to melt the protective film – but not the sheet itself. This ensures the membrane is completely undamaged when it is laid.

Step 3)
The membrane is laid up the slope of the roof to allow for the best drainage flow towards the gutter.

Step 4)
The lap joints are welded as a separate process. As this step is vital, a three pass method is used so that the quality of the weld is checked during the process.

Step 5)
The Nuraply 3PM cap sheet is offset from the runs of Nuraply 3PB and is then fully heat welded to the Nuraply 3PB.
Step 6)
All lap joints are welded as a separate process. As this step is vital, a three pass method is used so that the quality of the weld is checked during the process.

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