Nuraply 3PM Pure White
Nuraply 3PM Pure White
Nuraply 3PM Pure White, Air-Cleaning, Roofing System is an innovative white, solar reflective, eco-friendly, bituminous roofing membrane. It has unique properties that minimize energy usage and help restore the environment.

The most revolutionary and regenerative aspect is the membranes ability to decompose airborne pollutants into non-toxic by-products when combined with sunlight (UV radiation). The mineral finish of Nuraply 3PM Pure White is coated with a special type of titanium dioxide (TiO2). When exposed to UV rays, the membrane acts as a catalyst and converts nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides (NOx and SOx), into harmless and environmentally-neutral substances which are literally washed away by rainfall. These by-products have no measurable impact on the quality of run-off water.

During the process the TiO2 coating is not degraded, instead the decomposition reaction is catalytic. Therefore, the air purifying action is effective for the life of the Nuraply 3PM Pure White granule-surfaced membrane.

Nitrous oxides (NOx) are irritating pollutants which are harmful to health, contribute to the formation of low-level ozone, and increase the greenhouse effect. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a major air pollutant in New Zealand urban areas and National Environmental Standards for Air Quality are regularly exceeded along busy roadsides.

Because of the unique technology, every year, 1,000 square meters of Nuraply 3PM Pure White membrane will offset over 200kg of nitrogen oxide pollution (NOx); equivalent to that produced by approximately 100 vehicles.

Want the best system possible: combine Nuraply 3PM Pure White with a Nuratherm Warm roof for a total roofing system that lowers energy use and eliminates harmful pollutants.

Nuraply 3PM has been issued with a CodeMark certificate. This ensures it will be accepted by all Councils with the lowest slopes in the market as per the table below.
Product Benefits:
  • Air cleaning technology.
  • Bright white for solar reflectivity & cooler roof surface.
  • Bulletproof, double layer, torch-on application.
  • Contains significant amount of recycled materials.
  • Incorporates prevENt Firewall Technology.
  • Manufactured using 100% green electricity.
  • Proven durability in excess of 30 years.

  Cold Roof Warm Roof (Nuratherm)
Substrate Plywood Concrete Existing Substrates Concrete with Tapered Boards or Flat Enertherm
Plywood with Enertherm
NPM900 or approved metal tray (B) with Enertherm
Minimum Finished (Constructed) Falls
1:80 1:80 1:80 1:80 1:80 1:80
Recommended Design Fall (excluding gutters) (A)
1:40 1:60 1:60 Confirm no ponding areas 1:60 1:40 1:40
Gutters 1:100 1:100 1:100 1:100* 1:100 1:100
Substrate Comments Using 17mm (roofs) or 21mm (decks) plywood, rafters at 600 centers, nogs at 600 centers. Create required slope with a screed. Wait for concrete and screed to cure. Confirm substrate is sound *Minimum fall available using tapered boards is 1:60. Nuralite can assist with tapered board layout.
Create required slope in the plywood Create required slope in the NPM900

A)    For the purpose of this Certificate roofs must have a minimum finished constructed fall of 1:80. To provide for construction tolerances it is recommended (but not required) that for design purposes, a 1:40 fall should be used on plywood and metal substrates or 1:60 for concrete.

Nuraply 3PM Pure White Solutions

A) What is the situation?

Things to consider:
  • This brochure must be read in conjunction with the standard Nuraply 3PM technical information. All the same restrictions and considerations apply.
  • A bead of bitumen must exude from all lap joints to ensure a seal. This affects the appearance of the roof but is an excellent way to have confidence in the waterproofing system.
Cold roof is very similar to a warm roof build-up. Solar radiation is deflected in the top layer only. Enlarge Download
Other Environmental Features
  • With Nuraply 3PM Pure White, you are opting for innovative Air Cleaning Technology. Nuraply 3PM Pure White converts NOx (nitrogen oxide) and SOx (sulphur oxide) into harmless environmentally-neutral substances. This air cleaning effect reduces fine particles in the air. Testing to validate the reduction of air pollutants is to ISO 22197-1.
  • The exposed surface of Nuraply 3PM Pure White consists of a highly reflective white, mineral finish. The membrane’s high reflectivity efficiently radiates the absorbed heat through infrared radiation, causing a surface temperature reduction of more than 30°C. Consequently less active cooling is required within the building and air conditioning units operate more efficiently. Solar panels are also demonstrably more effective when placed over a cooler, reflective roof surface.
  • A substantial proportion of the bituminous coating of the Nuraply 3PM Pure White roofing membrane consists of recycled raw materials, including regenerated bitumen from old roof coverings and obsolete stock. The high quality reinforcing carrier is also manufactured using recycled polymers. This results in a considerable reduction in the ecological foot print of Nuraply 3PM Pure White.
  • The production of Nuraply 3PM Pure White is powered by 100% green energy, resulting in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Nuraply 3PM Pure White incorporates “prevENt” graphite technology, which is resistant to the incipient spread of fire and complies with the highest European fire standards. The expandable graphite crystals are applied to the polyester composite carrier in the factory, ensuring outstanding fire retarding performance and ultimate peace of mind.
  • Nuraply 3PM Pure White is a roofing membrane with a proven durability of +30 years.  From a waterproofing perspective the composition of the sheets is largely unchanged from Nuralite’s market leading Nuraply 3PM range.
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