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Our Core Principles

These are the principles at the heart of our culture and business. They guide our decision making, shape our relationships and inform our work at every step.

Champion sustainable pathways

We put sustainability first by being Carbon Zero ourselves and then championing the use of our systems in ways that help drive New Zealand's carbon emissions down.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Learn about how we made our company carbon zero.

Always take a long-term approach

Having products that last for decades is good for the environment and great for our customers. We want trouble-free solutions now and into the future.

Warm Roofing

Our bulletproof roofing solution with robust waterproofing combined with quality insulation to reduce energy use in a building.

Remarkable technical support

Our dedicated team of experienced technical advisors have the resources to answer every question you have.

With market-leading documentation and details, we guarantee a smooth journey from specification to installation.

Grace Apartments

Our team advised the architects and builders throughout the design process and were on site for installation to ensure a perfect outcome.

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Strong Partnerships

Nuralite's success relies on the quality of the partners who manufacture the waterproofing products. Our partners are of significant scale with proven track records.

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We are proud to be a part of various organisations which uphold the best building standards in terms of the environment and New Zealand's building industry.

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