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Choose a bulletproof, double layer system or a sleek single layer TPO system.


Create a floating deck using tiles or timber on a new or over an existing substrate.


Robust waterproofing of basement walls, foundations and under the floor slab.

Roof Renewal
Roof Renewal

Renew and improve your existing membrane or metal roof.

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Cost Conscious Design

Nuralite believe that true “value engineering” occurs at the design stage and that it is never too early to engage with us.

With over 57 years of knowledge on best practise waterproofing and design methods, we would love to share our expertise to ensure your projects come to fruition.

We are happy to assist with plans and to work with you to come up with the most cost effective system solutions. Request a meeting with one of our architectural team!

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Setting the standard for both commercial and residental roofing, Nuralite have worked alongside specifiers and installers to deliver robust membrane systems for the past 57 years.

Within the industry, we have steadily pioneered new technologies and solutions for New Zealand conditions.

We embrace innovation, rigorous testing and draw on decades of experienceNuralite is proud to be known as the experts in membrane waterproofing and warm roofs.

Warm Roof Solutions

Our recommended roofing system to optimise a commerical building and reduce energy usage.

Our Sustainability Action

Learn about how we reduced our carbon as a company.

SKHY Apartments - Cheshire Architects

Solutions for You

See how our system solutions can meet your project requirements.

Nuratherm Warm Roof
Nuratherm Warm Roof

A flat roofing solution that combines bulletproof waterproofing membranes with optimal energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Nurajack Render

Floated outdoor decks in timber and tile options. Compatible solutions for both the membrane and the Nurajack deck pedestals.

Tanking Render.jpg

Membrane systems for below grade waterproofing, preventing moisture ingress to basements, slabs and retaining walls.

Green Roofs

A dedicated system for living or green roof designs. Waterproofs and futureproofs the drainage of your specific green build-up.

Nuraply 3PC

heavy duty bituminous membrane and surface solution that can handle vehicular traffic and allow for building movement.

Roof Renewal

Overlay existing membrane or metal tray roofs with a robust membrane or warm roof solution. Providing an option to refresh tired roofs on their existing substrates.

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Green Roofs & Nature-based Solutions

Join a panel with over 50 years of combined industry experience to understand how Green Roofs function as one form of a Nature Based Solution.

Presented by Shane Clarke, Zoë Avery, Will Thorne and Benedicte Pacorel

15th August 2024, 10:30:00am

On a Mission to Reduce Our Carbon

Our Sustainability Action

We are a market-leading supplier in the construction industry. So we must take up the climate change challenge by being a leader in the fight against carbon pollution.

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Work with a company with 50+ years experience

Membrane waterproofing is not hard not when combined with Nuralite's range of system solutions and experienced team of experts.

Using world leading products, Nuralite can work with you on any project, large or small, to develop a complete waterproofing membrane system.

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Holiday Inn Express Queenstown

Roofing Tanking


O'Connell's Pavilion

Roofing Decking Tanking


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Plus Pacific Tower

Roofing Decking

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Fallow Ridge Retreat

Roofing Tanking

Ōtāhuhu Train and Bus Interchange

Ōtāhuhu Train and Bus Interchange


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Te Manawa Westgate Library and Multi Purpose Facility

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Grace Apartments

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Cardrona Cabin



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Cathedral Grammar School

Cathedral Grammar School


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ANZ Centre Christchurch


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Scott's Hut - Antarctica


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