The Situation

When asked to design a low energy house in central Otago, Mark and Sian of Team Green Architects jumped at the opportunity to create something they are passionate about. With a background in sustainable building and designing high performance homes, Team Green believes in using quality materials to reach peak thermal efficiency without compromising on style or architectural design.  


In Queenstown, there can be a temperature variance of around 35 degrees between the summer and winter months. With such a stark difference in conditions, the products and systems chosen for Oliver's Ridge needed to be able to provide a constant level of comfort for occupants and maintain a steady internal climate all year round.   


What made this project extremely unique and exciting for everyone involved was the owners desire to build a sustainably minded home, which incorporated Passive House Design principles. Team Green knew the prospect of designing a building of this scale, with these thermal credentials had not been done in New Zealand before. So when undertaking the challenge they were prepared to break new ground and think outside of the square with their product combinations and methodologies.